Wombatical test-run

A few weeks ago we joined up with Loz’s family in Blacksmiths for a ‘learning weekend’…

Rough start

The weekend couldn’t have started worse, as when Liv and I arrived at the in-laws’ place to pick up our (currently unamed) motor home, we found pieces of her all over the road and  yard. The prior night’s hailstorm had its way with her and tore the a/c cover right off her, thus opening the way for buckets of rain to gush through. Zero nights in and we already had an insurance job on our hands, damn it.

Mr Handiman, Stu, went straight into fixing mode and managed a temp fix so she wouldn’t leak over the weekend, and we could spend a few nights in her before dropping off to get fixed.

Water damage
A/C case

Blacksmiths Caravan Park was the perfect spot to spend some time with Loz’s family -reasonably close for everyone, and nicely located near the beach. A great pool, ripping playground, and smooth roads for scooting seamlessly.

 Toyota ad

Baby Wombat model

The weekend

It was our last weekend together for a while, and was awesome to spend time with the broader family. We also got to know our newest wisdom member (the motor home) well, and she passed with flying colours. She has exceeded our expectations, particularly on the amount of space she offers.

Memories came flooding back about the amazing time we had campervanning around Europe in 2012. I was also pleased at how easily my memories of motorhome maintenance came back to me – hoses, plugs, taps etc. Oh, and the toilet – we never used the toilet in Betsy, mostly because of a lack of space (and me not wanting to empty Abell’s piss and vice-versa). In our newest member, we agreed we would use the toilet for wee only – apparently Liv missed the memo and christened the toilet with a deuce, first thing – excellent.

Harry & Will at Blacksmiths

Andy at Blacksmiths

Baby Wombat at Blacksmiths

Underwater selfie

Loz/Halz horse ride

Pool action

Pool selfie

Muz & Andy

When you tell your 3yo to brush her teeth

Deb at Blacksmiths

The countdown is on

Our appetite to get going on our trip whetted 100x on this short weekend, and the following Monday back at work was one of our toughest in a while – similar to many Mondays in London after adventurous weekends away in Europe.
With the motorhome now getting fixed, and fitted out with some last-minute optional extras, we’re counting down the days to hit the road.

Bring on Wombatical Downunder.

Author: Davo & Loz

3 wombats motorhoming Australia

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