The Blue Mountains

Odometer: 158km

Overnight stops: Bulls Camp Reserve, Katoomba Falls Leisure Park

Only days after seriously discussing the concept of an alcohol-free 2018, we returned from Tassie and caught the first three days of the Sydney Ashes Test. Boy did we get first-day fever, and second, and third. Maybe the alcohol-free can start after the cricket?

So, three days of cricket, one day to recover, and one day to pack up the house with the classy WomBatmobile parked in inner-city Sydney – now we begin…

Tassie gave us a taste for hiking, so we decided we’d hit the Blue Mountains as our first stop. We thought it best to play it safe and get the fridge cold on the first night, so set Google Maps to Katoomba Falls Leisure Park, with Loz to call and book en-route. Booked out – sheesh, beginner’s luck! With no other desirable option in-sight, we figured we’d give this free camping business a go, and set out for Bulls Camp Reserve.

Bulls Camp Reserve

As is customary, Liv was first to use the WomBatmobile toilet. All going well until it decided it wouldn’t flush. Day zero and I had to call the father-in-law for help, what a hero I am :). We tried several options to no avail, so are soldiering on with less flushes than a Millennial watching Magic Mike.

We were so excited to ‘play’ with the motorhome, so set absolutely everything up for our first solo night, like a child on Christmas Day. And as sure as that adult arvo nap on the 25 December, a storm starting coming in hot from the west.

I’ll give us credit for how quickly we managed to calmly (ish) take everything down and chuck it inside, especially for our first go.

However… amidst the panic and rush, Liv managed to run inside and lock the door, leaving two stressed parents, panicking, knocking, “Let us in! Let us in!” This was all too much for Liv, as she, also now in a panic, with a storm front seconds away, couldn’t work out how to unlock the door.

Now I must give Loz a 10/10 for parenting in this scenario. I managed to act like a toddler, almost tantrum-like, emotion taking over rational thought. I quickly dived under the back of the vehicle to open the lock-box and fetch the spare key, only to discover it was the other lock she has locked – the one we don’t have a key for 😬. Meanwhile, Loz was doing her best to calm the actual toddler. Eventually, we realised if she jumped in the front, she could open the car door from the inside, without needing to actually ‘unlock’ it. So, we made it inside, just, to see the storm through, dry as Liam Neeson in a comedy.

The storm set a lovely setting for the calm sunset that followed.

Grand Canyon Track

Weather is a funny thing, kind of. We spend so much of our lives talking about it, dressing for it, and planning around it. Yet it seems, despite coming so far as a species, we haven’t worked out a way to control it for good yet, only f&@k it up. Nor have we managed to make the weather behave so we wombats have perfect conditions when visiting.

Fog. Fog. More fog. Never had we seen fog so eager to stay. So stubborn it actually didn’t disappear until the following day. Lucky we didn’t wait…

With all Blue Mountains made redundant with the mysterious mist, we figured it was now or never to hike the Blue Mountains. So we headed towards Evans Lookout to see what was below the clouds.

An absolute ripper of a hiking trail, one of the best. It was pretty special descending into this giant gorge, through caves, creeks and trees. Photos do no justice, but as soon as we were a few hundred metres in, we were below the fog, and in the forest, with almost no one to be found – the best.

Liv deciding to be an octopus, for whatever reason…


After a big muddy, misty hike, we were desperate for a decent shower, so managed to check in to Katoomba Falls Leisure Park for the night, recharge the batteries (the WomBatmobile’s and our own), and hope for the fog to lift overnight.

Thankfully it did, and we got some rippers at Echo Point.

here is plenty more for us to see and do in these amazing mountains, but having them on our doorstep encouraged us to continue our journey towards the Central-West. Until next time Bluey…

Author: Davo & Loz

3 wombats motorhoming Australia

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